All of our ladies have given birth to healthy, bouncing baby kids.

We have 5 girls and 8 boys. All are doing great.

We had:

2 sets of triplets

3 sets of twins

1 single

Eileanacheo Goat Herd


A good goat herd starts with the bloodlines that are selected.  We breed British and Swiss Toggenburgs  all of whom are all fully registered with the British Goat Society. Their heritage lines are available from the Goat Society and includes details of all championship wins.

More important however is that all of the goats are happy and content, with not much to stress them.  They are members of a strange extended family, that includes goats (obviously), sheep, dogs, chickens  and ducks - as well as a few humans who they keep around to look after them.



Goats like lots of attention. 

They will grudgingly let you shower, brush and trim them and to trim their hooves - but have a tendency to bite your hair as payback. 

They prefer to spend time with people and each other.  They are very sociable (and nosey) animals.   Getting scrached behind the ear or bridge of the nose is a particular favourite place.  And like all of us they do like treats - that's where we come in!


The Eilean a Cheo goat herd has been established for over five years now.  All of the ladies and gents have access to the outdoors with lots of good natural grazing.  They have free movement and can choose to be outdoors and indoors.


A small group of Boreray sheep will be arriving today.  These are on the RBST endangered sheep list.

They will be joining our growing flock of Hebridean sheep.

Isle of Skye Toggenburgs